Nursery decorations: tips & trends

Preparing the nursery is an intense but really exciting project. You’re not only preparing the baby room, you’re preparing yourself and your home for the arrival of a new family member. You want to make sure the baby furniture and nursery decor is safe, functional and fits the personality of this small person.

Do you know how to transform that spare room into the cutest nursery for your little one?

We believe that your nursery should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. Here are our tips and trends for designing your nursery.

Nursery furniture

The most important thing about nursery furniture is that it is safe. That’s why it is not a good idea to turn to the second hand market, as the safety of your baby can not be guaranteed.

Putting the safety of your baby first, you also want to find the most beautiful baby furniture because it defines the look of your nursery. You can go for an entire nursery furniture set or you can switch it up and combine different styles. It’s your nursery, so it has to represent your personality and the personality of the newest addition to the family.

This year we’re seeing three different trends in nursery furniture. The Scandinavian trend is still a big winner. The combination of natural wooden details and clean white surfaces gives your nursery a modern yet warm look. Using soft edges and colours, our second trend, you can create a neutral yet modern nursery without going for all white furniture. The third trend is the American styled nursery with more classic details. See the picture of our Hampton White room below.


What colour should your nursery be?

These days we see a new trend in nursery colours. The typical pastel pink and blue colours are making room for earthy and more neutral colours such as soft yellows or greens, grey tones and beiges. The pink and blue baby rooms are still there, but the colours are toned down, giving the nursery a softer look.

Whilst choosing the colour and the tone for your nursery, keep in mind that a baby gets a ton of new looks and impressions each day. They process al this information in their sleep. By painting the nursery in a soft toned colour, you create a safe and calm environment so your baby gets the time to relax and rewind.

Some practical tips for painting your baby room:

  • Don’t try to paint the entire room in one day. Paint a wall a day and always ventilate the room while you are painting.
  • Try to find category 1 paint (mentioned on the packaging). These paints contain less dissolving materials which can be harmful when you are pregnant.
  • Instead of painting the room with one thick layer, choose to paint the room whit three thin layers of paint. Give the paint enough time to dry in between the layers.
  • Don’t let your baby sleep in the nursery within the first week you’ve painted it.

Themed nurseries

Whether you are having a boy or a girl, there are endless nursery themes you can choose from. 2019 will be the year of the jungle. It’s a fun and original theme for your nursery. The graceful print of the giraffe can be used for almost any nursery decoration such as baskets, paintings and textiles.

Play around with your nursery theme. You decide how bold or soft you go with it. You can keep it on the low and just use some jungle themed decorations such as a giraffe painting or you can go big and literally put an elephant in the room. Or add a few rattan pieces in the baby room to go for a cool, natural and bohemian look.


Nursery textiles

The past years baby furniture and decorations have become more modern, that’s why the need to use soft and warm textiles has grown. Combining different styles and textures is a really cool trend in nursery decor. It is okay if not everything is a perfect match, this makes choosing the right nursery textiles even more fun. You can use contrast by combining modern looking baby furniture with warm and soft textiles with a crochet edge. Or find the balance between classic and modern by using modern ochre yellow striped textiles in your American classic crib. You’ll be surprised how beautiful this looks!

jersey crochet childhome ochre yellow textile childhome

Nursery mood board

Don’t know where to start with decorating your nursery? Start pinning! Make an inspirational mood board collecting all baby products, baby room ideas, nursery trends and decorations that you like. Don’t think too much when you are collecting images for your mood board. The most spontaneous ideas are often the best ones. When you are ready, you can review everything you’ve put in your mood board. Define the things you like most and delete pictures that you’re not 100% convinced of. This way you end up with a nice collection. Tip: take your mood board with you when you’re picking out nursery furniture and decorations. This way you stay true to what you really like.

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