How to throw the perfect baby shower

Few celebrations are happier than a baby shower. The parents-to-be are both excited and a little nervous about the future, grandparents who know what’s coming can’t wait for the big day, and guests are simply happy to share in the joy.

Are you lost between baby shower ideas, invitations, themes and baby shower cakes? Don’t worry we’ve made it easy for you to throw a Pinterest perfect baby shower for your sister, friend, niece or neighbour. Just follow these few guidelines.

Who’s your baby shower hostess?

First things first, you will have to decide if you’re going to organise the baby shower alone or if you’re going to share duties with a co-host. Since a baby shower takes more than arranging a cute dessert table, we recommend co-hosting. This way you’ll be able to do more and enjoy the shower yourself. Don’t agree on a certain topic? Keep the wishes of the mommy-to-be in mind and ask yourselves what she would want most.

Sending out baby shower invitations

When making the guestlist, start with the people closest to the mommy-to-be, like family and close friends. Make sure they’re free by sending a ‘save the date’ early on. When you’ve made up your entire guestlist you can start sending the actual baby shower invitations.
Since the baby shower is often a ‘women’s only’ party, don’t forget about the father. While all female friends and family members are at the baby shower, all male friends and family can come together for a beer shower.

Baby shower themes

Parties are always better if they have a theme keeping everything together. There are endless baby shower themes to choose from but picking a theme is not that simple. Once again, repeat the question: ‘What would the mommy-to-be want?’ You can keep it subtle and choose a certain colour or you can go big with -for instance- a jungle theme. Whatever you choose, you’ll have to make sure that every other decision is made with the theme of the baby shower in mind, from decorations, baby shower games to finger foods.

jungle themed baby shower
Source: Pinterest


baby shower jungle animals

Our standing jungle animals are the perfect decorations for a jungle themed babyshower or a jungle themed nursery.

Baby Shower Games

We know they may seem hokey at first, but baby shower games help to break the ice as well as encourage guests who may be from different generations to feel comfortable sharing their childbirth and parenting experiences.

Save the Memories

Create a guest book that all the guests can sign with their advice and wishes. Be sure to assign someone to take photos and videos to capture the memories for the mom-to-be to enjoy once her baby has arrived.

What to give a mommy-to-be on her baby shower

When invited to a baby shower, you don’t always want to buy a gift straight off the registry. But if you don’t pay attention, the new mom will end up with a lot of cute little baby outfits and no closet to put them in. For a new mom it’s more helpful if she gets a few practical gifts like a changing cushion, a diaper bag, a chair cushion, a stroller or a baby tub bucket. We know it’s not easy to resist the temptation when walking around a baby store. That’s why we’ll give you a few hints for adorable mommy and baby products that are a delight to unpack at a baby shower.

A fashionable diaper bag

Mommy Bag

Out of all the baby shower gifts, this one might make the mommy-to-be the happiest. The trendy Mommy Bag, Mommy’s Treasures Clutch and Baby Necessities Bag have become a must have for new and expecting moms. They are not only fashionable, they are very practical as well. The Mommy bag opens as a classic doctors bag and has a spacious design with handy compartments, small pockets and a foldable nursery mat. The clutch is ideal for storing and carrying a few essential items on a night out. The handy Baby Necessities bag keeps important baby essentials safe and within reach.

Moses basket

Moses Basket

A moses basket is the perfect little crib for a newborn. You can put the moses basket in every room so your baby is always near you. With its trendy boho look the moses basket makes every nursery complete.

Oil paintings

oil painting giraffeoil painting giraffe2

These days the jungle trend is represented throughout our entire interior. That’s why this year we launched a series of baby products and decorations inspired by the animals of the jungle. These cute oil paintings are a perfect baby shower present. With the giraffe being the star of the show, the new mommy can easily create a jungle vibe in the nursery.

Tipi play gym

Tipi Play Gym

This Tipi play gym has a beautiful Scandinavian design with its wooden structure. It is perfect for developing a baby’s early motor skills, reaching and grasping as well as hand-eye coordination. The gym toys are just the cutest, you can buy them separately. This gym tipi will not only bring joy to the baby when it’s playing with it, it will bring a smile on the new mommy’s face too.

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