How to survive the first day of school – for Mommy’s

One minute you are rocking your tiny newborn to sleep in your arms and the next you’re buying their school outfit, a book bag, lunch box and all things related..

So here are some tips for mommy’s to survive the first day of school !

Evolu mostlymosi (002)

Make peace with the butterflies. If you’re nervous, that’s okay! Even teachers feel the butterflies on the first day of school.

Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Don’t feel bad that your Iphone storage is full as you have been shooting non-stop videos and pictures since the moment your child woke up. This is a good thing!

Don’t worry, tears are totally normal. They aren’t upset with you, and you’re not a ‘bad’ parent for walking away. Don’t mistake; It hurts leaving your child with strangers; be prepared. You will also cry.  But try to wait to collapse in a pool of snot and tears after you round the corner from your child’s classroom.

Get ready to learn new things about your own child. After spending so much time with this little person, you may know them better than you know yourself. That starts to change in kindergarten. Feedback from teachers may sound like they’re talking about a stranger. “He is the first to start cleaning up? Really??”

Beware of siblingitis. If your kindergartener has any siblings, don’t forget to shower them with a little extra attention too !


Here is to this brand new chapter for both of you – and a wealth of exciting firsts !

Good luck to all the mommy’s and children !

Childhome – made with love


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