Potty training: 5 tips to get you started

Teaching your toddler how to use a potty isn’t done in 3 days. Potty training requires time, patience and a bright smile to keep your little one excited and motivated. We have listed 5 practical tips to get you started on your to potty success.

Potty training

1.    Start when your toddler is ready.

The key to potty training success is starting when your son or daughter is interested, willing and physically able to. There is no exact or ideal potty training age. For some kids this may already be as young as 18 months, others may not be ready at 30 months. Starting to early will just take longer and might cause frustration for the both of you.

If you feel your toddler is ready make sure there are no big changes in the near future. Starting preschool, a holiday or the arrival of a new sibling might be to overwhelming and can delay success.

2.    Have a potty training game plan

Before going to the store and buying a potty, it’s important to define a potty training plan. How will you start? Who is involved? How will you handle potty success and what about accidents? Discuss your plan with your child’s daycare center and everyone else who takes care of your child. It’s important that everyone sticks to the same plan and potty training schedule to decrease the chance of setbacks and other potty training problems.

3.    There is no rush

Mastering potty training success can take a long time. Yes, some super kids will nail their potty training in 3 days. However this is not normal. Most kids need weeks or even months, especially when working on staying dry at night.

“This might sound a bit weird but let your toddler watch you while you use the bathroom. Toddlers learn by imitation and watching you is a natural first step.”

Whatever you do, don’t push your toddler or let others push you. Let your little one take his time to get used to this new process. Of course you can encourage him and motivate him with gentle reminders.

4.    Buy the right potty for your toddler

Don’t buy just any potty for your toddler. Like other baby products, it’s important to look at the safety and comfort of your child when buying a potty. It’s advised to buy a child-size potty, which your toddler can claim for his own. As many toddlers are afraid of falling into the toilet, a potty also creates a more secure feeling.

A 3-in-1 potty is great to ease the transition from potty to full-size toilet. You start your potty training with a potty chair. Later on when he or she is ready, the potty training seat can be removed from the potty chair and placed on your toilet. The bottom of the potty chair can then be used as a stool to get on and off the toilet easily.

3 in 1 potty

3 in 1 potty

5.    Make it fun

Your toddler will have accidents. That is something you can be sure of. If you approach the process with some fun, your child will be more likely to stay motivated. Make him enjoy the accomplishment of getting something in the potty. Celebrate this moment with hoorays and praises.

If your child loses interest while well into potty training, you may want to consider offering rewards. One popular method are stickers to track his success. Every time your little one goes to the potty, he or she gets a sticker that can be pasted onto a page. Watching the collection of stickers grow will keep your toddler inspired.

By the time your child’s ready to say goodbye to diapers altogether, he or she has accomplished a lot. Acknowledge this and reinforce your child’s pride in their achievement by letting him or her give away leftover diapers to a family with younger kids or send them away with the diaper delivery service one last time. Or you may want to join your toddler in a joyful jig around the house and call it the “no more diapers” dance.

potty training

One thought

  1. These are very helpful tips. My son will turn 2 this fall and we’re starting our potty training. We’re still far from victory but definitely getting there😊


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