Fun before bedtime with Jersey Marin kids bedding

Childhome is a baby and kids brand I always keep my eye on. I fell in love with their products through the Evolu High Chair, which Nim has been using since he was 6 months old. Beautiful and modern designs, pretty colours, basic but still new and innovative. They just fit everybody’s needs and style, at least that’s what I think. So when Nim was ready to move from his baby cot to a bed for big boys, Childhome’s kids bedding was our top choice.


Who knew kids bedding could make bedtime so much fun?

We recently moved Nim to a junior bed. Quite an exciting step for him, but also for me. Having a new bedding set made it so much easier. He loves putting his pillow straight and pulls the sheets up to his nose when he crawls into bed. A nice little ritual which makes naptime and bedtime so much fun.


Jersey Marin

The Jersey Marin Junior Duvet Cover and pillow cover are made from an extremely soft and high quality jersey fabric. Something I really appreciate for boys and girls bedding. The fabric stays firm around the duvet and to top it of: it comes out of the washer without any creases.


A new bedroom look in just a few seconds

The duvet cover and pillow cover have 2 sides: a light grey side and a white side with navy blue stripes. Really amazing, because I can change up the look of Nim’s bedroom is just a couple of seconds. Quite often Nim choose what side of colour he wants to sleep in. A great way to boost his creative mind.

A fun little detail: a print of two little clouds. It’s little detail like this that make modern kids bedding complete. So lovely!



Are you curious about what more Childhome has to offer? And where you can shop all that beauty? Be sure to visit the rest of their website and check out their wide range of products (really recommended, from furniture to hugs and toys … they have so many hips and beautiful things!). I also received their Mommy-zine, a very nice magazine with lots of inspirational ideas for baby and children’s rooms.

Much love,

CH1With his little hands pushed to his ears (‘Nim it’s time for bed’, NO!) relaxed on his bed. According to him it was still to early to go to bed. However relaxing in his room was not a problem.

This blog was written by Pauline from PSnim. She and her husband Kay live in Rotterdam and welcomed their little boy Nim in May 2013. They have been writing about his adventures ever since.

Do you wanna be a guestblogger? Get in touch and maybe the next blogpost will be yours 🙂

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